Doktor Igor Szumiłowicz

The associate Professor MD PhD was born on October 30th 1933 in Jaworowo. In the “Vistula” action the Szumilewicz family was resettled from their village to the Central Labour Camp in Jaworzno. Next, the family was moved to the Drawsko Pomorskie region. In 1960 he graduated from the Pomeranian Medical Academy in Szczecin. He received his PhD degree in 1971, and his post-doctoral degree in 1982. He managed the III General Surgeon Clinic at PAM (Polish Academy of Science), and under his management the entity became one of the most prominent ones in Poland. The academic title of the professor he received on the 13 of May of 1997.

Between 1981-1984 he was fulfilling the function of the Dean, and from 1984 until 1990 was fulfilling the function of Vice-Dean of the I Medical Faculty in PUM ( Pomeranian Medical University). During the Martial Law period he supported the students and managed to pull them out from detention. From 1996 until 2004 he was the head of the General and Vascular Surgery at PUM in Szczecin. He promoted five PhD doctors (1986-1996), he was the reviewer of nine doctorates (1986-2007). His scientific achievements amount to 120 scientific publishings. Until 2001 he was fulfilling the function of the President of Thethoracic and Vascular Surgeon Section.

He was one of the originators and the founders of the Polish Association of Vascular Surgery, registered in Szczecin on the 13th of February in 2001. He was decorated with the Medal of the National Education Commission. He was valued by his students as well as his coworkers not only for outstanding knowledge, but also for his sense of justice, the team building ability, listening skills and the ability to learn from the young. He was a happy husband and a father of three sons: Jerzy Piotr, Jarosław Piotr and Igor. The big passion of professor Szumiłowicz was beekeeping. As a student Grzegorz Szumiłowicz actively participated in the life of the Social- Cultural Ukrainian Association in Szczecin, later he continued his activity in the Association of Ukrainians in Poland.

He was a „treasury” of knowledge about the Polish-Ukrainian relation difficulties. He co-organized the Ukrainian Medical Association in Poland where he was fulfilling the function of the Vice-Chairman. The association acted in regional clubs in: Szczecin, Przemyśl, Wrocław, and Gdańsk. In 1999 a Small Dictionary of Medical Terminology was published by Professor Szumiłowicz, which was written in three languages: Polish, Latin and Ukrainian. Grzegorz Szumiłowicz passed away on May 4th in 2014 at the age of 81. He was buried at the Central Cemetery in Szczecin.

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