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Mirosław Truchan

One of the main organizers of Ukrainian social and cultural life in Poland after WWII; writer, publicist and columnist; a person repressed by the authorities of People’s Poland.

Myrosław Truchan was born on May 27, 1925 in the town of Miory (Braslaw county, now the Republic of Belarus). His …

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Zdjęcie zbiorowe z Józefem Doroch

Józef Doroch was born on August 16th in 1927, in the Śliwnica village by San river, in Przemyśl county, in a family of Jan and Franciszka nee Kozak. Józef Woroch’s father was of a Greek – Catholic religion, the mother was a Roman Catholic. Doroch;s parents supported themselves by working on their farm.

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Doktor Igor Szumiłowicz

The associate Professor MD PhD was born on October 30th 1933 in Jaworowo. In the “Vistula” action the Szumilewicz family was resettled from their village to the Central Labour Camp in Jaworzno. Next, the family was moved to the Drawsko Pomorskie region. In 1960 he graduated from the Pomeranian Medical Academy in Szczecin. …

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Zdjęcie grupowe przed meczem piłki nożnej - Włodzimierz Malicki

Włodzimierz Malicki was born  on 8th of April 1946 in Łubowo, 2 km from the Waręż town, near Sokal in Ukraine. He was resettled during the  action of “Vistula” together with his family to the  West Pomeranian region of Poland, near Stargard (then szczeciński) to Czarnikowo village. By the end of the 50s …

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