Zdjęcie grupowe przed meczem piłki nożnej - Włodzimierz Malicki

Włodzimierz Malicki was born  on 8th of April 1946 in Łubowo, 2 km from the Waręż town, near Sokal in Ukraine. He was resettled during the  action of “Vistula” together with his family to the  West Pomeranian region of Poland, near Stargard (then szczeciński) to Czarnikowo village. By the end of the 50s the Malicki family moved to Ińsko, where Włodzimierz began his education in  primary school. In 1960 he began his education in the Construction Technical School in Szczecin, which he graduated from in 1966. A year later, on the 26th of August he married Marianna, and in March of 1967 their daughter Anna was born. In 1972 the Malicki family moved to Szczecin. The same year he started his work at Szczecin Polytechnic, where he worked until 1974. Here are the following places of his employment: Szczecin Glassworks (1974-1979), Marine Yacht Shipyard (1979-1982) and Technical Service Department (1982-1989).

In 1988 W. Malicki left for work in Canada, where his family was residing. However, due to the longing, especially after his wife and  the daughter, he returned to Poland after 6 months… He made the decision to set up his own company. From September 1989, with success he was working and managing “Rem- Bud”- a construction and renovation business, a firm which specialized in the construction of family houses. At the moment the business is managed by his son-in-law Jarosław Mielnikiewicz, and besides the main activity in construction the establishment also participates in social activities, in that it supports youth in a sports club Stal Stocznia in Szczecin. He also contributed to the construction of the Ukrainian Church in Ińsko. After the takeover of the Greek Catholic parish in Szczecin by the priest Andrzej Szagała OSBM, in 1974 he was asked to fulfill the function of the psalmist.

As his wife Anna recalls: “Włodek sang beautifully and when the priest Szagała heard his voice, he asked him to become the psalmist. My husband agreed, however he did not know how to read notes and he was afraid  that he would not be able to sing properly. Priest Szagała said that he would support him as much as he could and he was convinced that he would be able to manage well since he possesses such a singing talent. At the beginning he had a stage fright and he was a psalmist for 40 years. We had no vacation, since my husband was very dutiful and always ready to help the priest.

He loved to sing and he felt fulfilled in his role of a psalmist. He drove the priests around to different locations and on different occasions. I do not recall the situation when he would refuse to do so. He called Mr Łazoryszczak and Mr Zariczny- they created a trio, and together with my husband they sang what was required. The priest came and went, but they lasted until the end. Włodek was a member of the Parish Council. The biggest challenge which he set himself was the adaptation of the building at Mickiewicza 43 for church purposes. During that time the priest was Dariusz Wowk. The renovation lasted two years and my husband was happier with each day of the renovation.  In spite of the financial difficulties he was convinced that the church would be completed. He could not fail himself, nor the parishioners. He was happy that after so many years, with his humble participation we were finally able to pray in our own church. My husband was a humble man” (an interview with M. Malicka is in the possession of the authors). Apart from his involvement in the life of the religious community he actively participated in the Ukrainian Cultural- Social Association in Szczecin.

From 1973 he fulfilled the function of the UTSK Branch Chairman in Szczecin, and from1983 until 1986 he was a Member of the Board, and from 1978 until 1990 he fulfilled the role of the Vice Chairman of the Board in the organization. He also belonged to the Bandura assamble, established and lead by Piotr Lachtiuk. He was involved in the cultural events organized at the Center of Ukrainian Culture. In 2002 Marianna and Włodzimierz Malicki celebrated  their 35th wedding anniversary. They created a happy family and had two grandchildren. Together with  their daughter Anna and son-in-law Jarosław they lived next to each other and together managed their own business. Włodzimierz Malicki passed away on the 21st of July in 2016 in Szczecin.

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